Frequently Asked Questions

Motivation By Mail is an annual members-only service for life enhancement products and perks. Our unique motivational messages come with a handcrafted communication document to enhance your life and those around you. Motivation By Mail is designed for curious companies and curious superhumans. 

Products and Perks come randomly throughout the year

Charged Monthly: $36.5/Month

Charged Annually: $365/Annual

NO! If you need to delay shipping until after a specific date (ex: life happens ), email us at [email protected] within 5 minutes of placing your order and we can send your motivation by mail product or perk to a friend or family member.

After selecting your membership from the mail store, fill in the gift recipient’s information under the shipping address section and put the gift giver’s information in the billing section. One of our Life Enhancement Specialists will know this is a membership subscription if the shipping information does not match the billing information.

The new member recipient will receive a welcome letter with their first product or perk, explaining the Motivation By Mail membership and mentioning they have received a gift from the name on the billing address.

Our Life Enhancement Specialists craft and develop custom creations based on life events, moments that matter, or superhuman insights. Our specialists go beyond the call of duty to ensure that each product or perk will motivate and speak to your inner superhuman. 

Our primary focus is on inspiring the superhuman inside you, but human-centric and result-driven. 

Why don’t you share images of products and perks:

Just like motivation, our products are designed to have you see them in your mind and long to hold them in your hands. Once you hold them in your hands, they will forever be in your heart. “Motivation is driven by your heart.”

We aim to send out the first letter within seven business days after a member signs up. After that, each subsequent product or perk is mailed randomly throughout the year. All letters are shipped via the United States Posts Office First Class Mail. Notes in the United States take up to five business days to arrive. Letters outside the United States can take up to 21 days to arrive. So, for example, if you sign up on June 2nd, your first letter will be mailed the following week, and your second letter will be sent on July 15th.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your customer portal found via the “login” link at the bottom of any page of Log in using the email used during sign-up, click “memberships,” and then “cancel.” Canceling will not affect your current subscription, and you will still receive the products and perks you purchased. Canceling will only affect future auto-renewal.

You can also contact us at LEP@motivationbymail to request a membership cancellation.

Simply email us at [email protected] to request the change. That is the only way to ensure our LEP Specialist  knows about the address change.

Visit  for more life enhancement products and programs!  Request access

Yes! We mail to any country in the world using United States Postal Service First Class International stamps. Shipping times vary by country since the Mail relies on the coordination between two countries’ postal services.

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